Why do people who appear to possess every advantage commit suicide?  We tend to ascribe this to depression or substance abuse but there lingers a feeling of irony and waste at the squandering of so much opportunity.  How is it possible to reject such privilege with cold abandon?  What pain or pressure, what emptiness drives them to the edge of the abyss.  The edge wherein lies the question to be or not to be?  

     We are all the bearers of being, for it is through us that life and consciousness flows.  We are each individual atoms of presence, each forming part of the All.  In the scope of the universe we are so very small yet, from our perspective, so poignantly vital.  Each of us is like an Atlas holding aloft that portion of the weight of the world that is ours alone to bear.  We all strain beneath the invisible pressures and vicissitudes of human existence.  For some of us, just the act of being alive might seem too much to bear.

     There is a challenge to maintain one’s balance and to find values and meaning in this world.   A domain where morality seems imperative but where it is always open to question.   Each soul will pass through the travails of life, that is our destiny.  But it is the nature of that passage that presses meaning to our lives.   Every civilization and each individual must react to the circumstances which are beyond its control.  Yet all will make choices at those times when it is their free will that must direct their actions.  These are times to reflect and choose well.  Therein lies the compelling opportunity for us to aspire toward grace.


Have you seen the apparition

Atlas enfeebled

Sagging beneath the weight of existence

As if it could crush

As if it had dimension

As if even its thinnest veneer 

To be

Might be too much to bear


Who has gazed upon this day

When sailing is awash

Even in the calmest seas?

In sweet fresh light

The wind brushed back and silent

Full bellied souls drift numbly toward the night


We layers of the mind’s geology

Prescient quarry of the future

We who are the way life flows incandescently consumed

It is our fate to be driven forth yet ever forced to choose.

Let us choose a noble course emblazoned with courage and light

That the nature of our passage press meaning to this life