…..Please permit me to supply two definitions: 

Paradox – Something that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet it is perhaps true.

Irony – A state of affairs that seems distinctly contrary to what one expects and is often amusing or thought provoking as a result

…..This poem explores the poles of perspective on the value of an individual human life.  On the one hand, we appear as if a speck of dust in the cosmos.  Yet the sanctity of life is rightly cherished beyond measure.  We are keenly focused on our own presence.  Within the scope of each consciousness there tends to be a common perception. It is the sense that the world revolves around us and we around it.  Our beings seem at once supremely significant yet in the context of the universe so inconsequential.  How can we persist with passion and hope as we age in such a world; realizing that we have been dying since birth, seeing the finality of death approaching?   We can ignore such questions and merely carry on from day to day.  But we can also choose to embrace the paradoxes and ironies that confront us,   We can face mortality with acceptance, resolve, humor and grace.  May wisdom, courage and dignity ennoble life and elevate the spirit of others.




(Protagoras said man is the measure of all things)


Paradox and irony

The old man’s friend

The wise man’s companion


We who are bound to existence

On our tiny domain in the vast cosmic All

Strain to find meaning from the time of our birth

Laughing lest we cry

Only to depart this bountiful Earth

Marking our passage with a muffled sigh


Suspended in life from breath to breath

Marking the horizons of pleasure and pain

If we could truly reconcile 

That in this miracle of life

We who are so small

Still serve as a measure of the whole

We might better embrace the receding tide

That rocks the cradle of the soul