Warm Springs, Georgia April 12,1945

(On this day FDR dies.  Eighteen days later Hitler commits suicide)




Moses never entered into the promised land

Standing on a hilltop

He could see the cool Jordan run

After forty blazing years

In the fire of the sun


And Abraham walked unscathed

Through Richmond’s smoldering streets

An unmistakable silhouette

Against the bitter haze of defeat

Yet his bullet would wait

At the crossroads of peace

Concealed beneath the laughter

At the climax of the play

“My God they’ve shot the messenger”

I can hear somebody say


Is it guilt or some corruption

That calls for such a fate

Striking the staff against the rock

The war between the states?

And what of Martin Luther King

 Who glimpsed the promised land

Standing on the balcony

Struck done by hatred’s hand