circa 1992




…..For many Americans living in the second half of the twentieth century, life seemed quite stable and secure.  Of course there was turbulence and countless personal tragedies including limited wars.  But overall, there was a  widespread sense of security and the continuity of routine rarely enjoyed by others throughout history.  It was easy to be lulled into a belief that normality and order would persist.  But change has always been in the offing as one epoch slowly dims and the new emerges.  The subtle clues as to what the shifting paradigm will bring are evident in retrospect but seem mysterious at first, like a distant storm front faintly discernible only to the most acutely aware.  Often even these keen observers can only sense that change is approaching but not its detail or character.  It is only when events are upon us, when it is obvious that the present has been fundamentally transformed, that the masses realize that they must adjust to a new sense of reality.





Beneath the soft belly of this vast blue sky

Woven through the hissing summer heat

Threads the trace of a distant plaintive cry

That the hounds of epoch howl

It is a portent faint yet clear

And the clash that it foretells titanic

Upon the iceberg of perception

Is drawing ever near






Great leveler

Your face concealed beyond our view

From here

Where the monuments are effacing in the acrid air

And the human faces weather

Rapt with their mortal cares

Drawn in their cycles to the earth

Forming fertile ash

That haunts with expectation

The ground that bears the coming of an Age





Irresistible ideas whose time have come

That bind to living forms

Flesh into action

Fasten to the day

And take on the name of Now,

A bright mirage of seamless continuity

That blurs the minds of men

Singing with a siren’s song

Of summer without end

Still the wheel of epoch casts a changeling light

And with its newborn rays

Traces of the coming dawn

Mingle with the full blown day




The hounds of epoch howl foretelling

The titanic clash upon the iceberg of perception

They call out to us

Shrieking on the freezing night wind

There on the dark heaving sea

Now unmistakeable

At the moment the impact begins