The art of healing, and the practice of medicine in particular, opens a uniquely panoramic view of the human condition.  With the fusion of scientific and artistic elements it offers a profound opportunity to ameliorate physical suffering and overcome emotional turmoil.  This process affects both the patient and the practitioner though often its special nature does not consciously register.  The mundane aspects of dealing with problems can reduce such an experience to appear to be merely another process in the exchange of goods and services. 

     One might say it is the poetry of medicine that elevates its transcendence to the spiritual dimension.  How the souls interact, that sublime dance, can create an experience imbued with aspects of beauty and stirring poignance.  The compassion and comfort bestowed by a soothing empathetic hand and just the right heartfelt words at the moment of tragedy is an example that is  easy to understand.  There are precious few moments in our lives when our innermost feelings and needs can be expressed to a complete stranger.  A stranger who has the obligation to support and guide us.  This trust , and this duty, is a high honor to be bestowed.  To strive to be worthy and excellent in that capacity is a sacred obligation.  To be aware that something beautiful and profound has happened at such moments is its own reward.