Speak to the ages

Seek the right light

Loosen your voice 

From the cloak of your being

From the form that bears your name

Strain against the fetters

Of this blinding temporal frame


Envision a banquet of most worthy souls

Gleaned from the strata of time

Reflecting upon the eternal flow 

And drinking of spirits sublime

Rise to the moment, give your verse flight

Lucidly gliding, reverberant through air

Flashing with glimpses of unseen light 

To penetrate sweetly the waiting ear


Bring forth poems with images

Grasped by the talons of clarity

And fused with emotional force

Themes borne through hard visceral labor

And suckled by Beauty and Truth


Walk amongst the living

But fear not the deaf ear

For across the span of time

Lonely souls will come anew

To drink at the wellspring site

May your gift be found

As a precious jewel

Strewn on that rocky height