…..Phidias was perhaps the greatest classical Greek sculptor,  His works included the colossal gold and ivory covered statues of Zeus and Athena, the daughter of Zeus.  The Zeus of Olympia was among the Seven Wonders of the ancient world and resided in the temple to that god at the site of the olympic games. 

…..Phidias supervised the sculptural work on the Athenian Acropolis during the construction of the Parthenon where the statue of Athena stood.  The fate of both statues is not known with certainty.  They may have been removed from their shines and put on display in the Hippodrome of Constantinople, a huge arena used for chariot races and other events.  Regardless, not a trace of either has survived to our time.  In fact, no work that can be clearly attributed to Phidias is known to exist today.  His reputation and fame rests solely on the estimation of ancient sources.






Your masterpieces

Stolen from the hallowed places

Lost inside the vast and vulgar Hippodrome

Not a trace of their colossal forms survive

Not a shred to sing the praises of your being


Let the chain of memory

Slender thread

Be hauled hand over hand

And let it draw your flowing homage from the ancient well

Draw it here

Where Zeus and his bright eyed daughter

Can still tower before us

In their gold and ivory splendor

Still beyond belief