The times cry out for Aristotle

We need to aspire to the golden mean

For this is

Our real world now


We have seen the equation

Explored the horizons of beauty and pain

We have heard the mournful Amen

     The plaintive cry again and again


….Aristotle, your brilliant mind broadened the scope of mankind’s perception in so many directions.   We desperately need your wisdom today.  If we had to choose one concise way of delivering your most essential message, might it not be:  “try to achieve the golden mean”?

Try to maintain our highest ideals with the best balance possible in this imperfect life.  “Avoid extremes” would be your motto.  Truth and Justice would be your aim.  Beauty and Harmony would be your goal.

…..The brevity and depth of this philosophical maxim is reminiscent of Einstein’s famous equation.  They both exemplify profound insights compressed into their most elemental forms.  It is a testament to their genius that philosophy, physics and mathematics reveal their unity.  We need a credo of moderation.  It imparts the realization that harmony is rational and admirable.  It should be a guiding principle because polarities invite chaos.  We see the cultural transformation as we drift toward dangerous rapids.  Insidiously, step by step, the gradual descent is often barely perceptible yet impossible to ignore.  It is a very old lesson that is forgotten at great peril.  The twentieth century should make that abundantly clear.  Our Founding Fathers knew the value of compromise and moderation. They were children of the classical revival and the Enlightenment.  For that we must be eternally grateful…. and vigilant.