Sometimes it is the simplest things

That illuminate our minds

I lie upon the floor

Beside my beloved dog

The morning bright and safe

Shines warmly through the panes

No cares or fears this day

No clouds of consciousness obscure

Our life that flashes by


For an instant I sense the glory

Of the meteor of Being

His and mine together

And who will be the first to die

Only time will tell

Yet here we are together

Existence granted still


No man can ever step

Into the same river twice

For the river’s not the same

And the man has surely changed

But to grasp the evolving moment

As the present fades into time

Brings a cosmic sense of clarity

To the shore of an uncluttered mind.


Here with my loyal friend

Bathed in tranquil light

I sense the eternal present

I have sought for all these years

It beckons like a perch

That lies just out of sight